Why You Should Drink Coffee BEFORE Your Nap

photo credit: Jewell via photopin cc 

Tired? A coffee nap could be just what you need. Having a caffeinated drink before your nap gives you the benefits of both sleep and caffeine. The science behind this notion is that caffeine takes about 20 minutes to affect the brain, which allows the nap to give you a recharge without going into the deep sleep phase which would result in grogginess as a result of what scientists call "sleep inertia".

Studies from the UK and Japan show that individuals who take "coffee naps" perform better on cognitive exercises and memory tests than those who either only take naps or only drink coffee. Researchers explain that the brain molecule adenosine can cause people to feel drowsy, and excess levels make you tired. A caffeinated drink such as coffee is effective in blocking some adenosine receptors, but not all, so a person may still feel tired after only having coffee. Adenosine is a byproduct of brain activity, and accumulates throughout the day to make you feel tired. So, taking a nap clears some adenosine receptors to allow the caffeine to have a stronger effect.

If you're a napper or coffee drinker, or both, you should definitely try it out! It sounds like an awesome way to power through a long day of studying or recharge between work and evening activities.