The Keurig 2.0!

In the market for a new coffee brewer? Love the Keurig? Checkout the new Keurig 2.0! Brew a cup or a piping hot carafe all at the touch of a button. The 2.0 features an extra-large 80 ounce water reservoir, 2.8 inch color touch display, an auto brew option, programmable clock, and a strength control setting for brewing bolder coffee. There's also a cool customizable night light in the water reservoir and it allows hot water on demand. Here's a quick list of the product features in the 2.0:

-Brew a single K-cup or a 4-cup K-carafe pack.
-Keurig 2.0 Brewing Technology reads the lid of the K-cup or K-carafe to deliver the perfect brew every time.
-Strength Control setting lets you brew a stronger (or weaker, if you prefer) cup.
-The removable 70-ounce water reservoir offers easy filling and cleaning. 
-The 2.8 inch color touch display makes it easy to customize settings.
-Programmable digital clock lets you wake up to a perfectly brewed beverage.
-Energy-saver mode and brewer maintenance alerts ensure long-lasting use. 

Get the Keurig 2.0 K550 Brewer along with a 4-cup carafe, 4 K-Carafe packs, 6 K-Cup packs, and a water filter kit here for just $169.99 (original retail value: $199.99)!

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