White House Coffee


You may have wondered before, or maybe not, but many people really want to know- what kind of coffee does America's First Family drink? Unfortunately, we don't know! An article from the Boston Globe states that the White House protects information regarding the Obamas' caffeine consumption for safety reasons. President Obama has been seen ordering and drinking tea on several occasions, so maybe he's not even a big fan of coffee!
However, the Globe discovered that the White House has ordered from Kona Rainforest Farm in Hawaii in the past. Their last order was placed in July 2013 and was for about 50 pounds of coffee, so this is almost certainly not their only supplier. They also learned that the White House does not serve caffeinated coffee after noon. 
So it remains a mystery, but for now, Kona is the stuff to order if you want to get a taste of White House coffee!