Starbucks' New $18 Cup of Coffee

photo credit: razgriz2520 via photopin cc

Cutting out the daily Starbucks run is a typical strategy for saving some extra cash, but even then the drinks you're usually ordering are probably only between $2-7. Their newest cup of joe, though, will really set you back at $18 per cup.

Starbucks Coffee Japan introduced the brand's most expensive cup of coffee yet on Wednesday, September 17, made with rare Geisha beans from Panama. The company says the beans have a hint of jasmine, passion fruit and nectarine. Geisha trees have fewer coffee cherries, so each bean has a fuller taste and is more flavorful, which makes the blend stand out against other coffees.

The drink is only available in the short size and is prepared with a special vacuum press coffee machine. It is available at 48 different stores in Japan, but a spokesman for Starbucks says there's a possibility it may be incorporated into other shops worldwide in the future. The beans can be bought in 8-ounce packages as well for about $100.