More Beer-Flavored Coffee

You may have heard about the new beer-flavored latte that's being tested at Starbucks right now (checkout this post for more information), but they're not the only place combining the flavors of coffee and beer. The Columbus-based coffee shop Crimson Cup Coffee & Tea has announced that they'll be releasing a hops-inspired drink starting Thursday at their Clintonville coffee house.

Starbucks' Dark Barrel Latte uses a flavored syrup to create the beer-like taste, while the Crimson Cup is using hops in their brewing process to create their Dry-Hopped Nitro. The drink is a cold brew stored in a keg and poured using a nitrogen tap system, just as one would pour beer on nitro. Brandon Bir, Crimson Cup's coffee and training specialist, says they started serving cold-brew coffee through a beer tap and liked the result- the process creates a cold, creamy drink. Bir says they experimented with different types of coffees and hops for weeks before they found the right combination. The system creates a creamy, frothy head on the brew, and the coffee their using has a slight cocoa flavor- the addition of hops adds floral, citrus and herbal notes.

Crimson Cup will be launching the Dry-Hopped Nitro on September 25 from 4-7 p.m. at their Oktoberfest event with complimentary samples of the drink along with food samples from Schmidt's Sausage Truck and traditional German polka music. The event will be taking place at their Clintonville coffee house at 4541 N. High St.