Edible Coffee Cups?

Chances are you've probably seen the cookie shot glasses that have gotten popular recently- if not, they're pretty much shot glass-shaped cookies that you can fill with milk. At Alfred Coffee & Kitchen in Los Angeles, they've come up with a similar idea for coffee lovers!

The Californian cafe owner devised a sweet alternative to the to-go paper cups with the introduction of the Alfred Cone, a 4-ounce waffle cone dipped in milk chocolate. The cones are filled with espresso or machiatto, and once the hot coffee is poured into the cup, the chocolate is melted a bit for a mocha-like flavor.

According to manager Ashlee Lawson, they are already attracting a cult following and are especially popular with tourists. The Alfred Cone is only found on their "secret menu" and costs $8- $3 for the espresso and $5 for the cone.