Starbucks Testing Coffee Trucks on Campus This Fall

There are over 4,700 college campuses in the U.S., and only 300 out of 11,500 total Starbucks stores are on one of those campuses. College students love coffee though, and Starbucks know that! They've announced that they plan to send Starbucks coffee trucks to three universities this fall; Arizona State University, James Madison University in Virginia, and Coastal Carolina University in South Carolina. 

They chose to bring Starbucks to these campuses in the form of trucks instead of shops because the trucks will be able to travel around with students throughout the day and meet students' needs accordingly. For example, they can park outside dorms and campus apartments in the morning and move to libraries or student centers in the afternoon. This is great for everyone, since students will have easier access to their coffee and Starbucks will get more business!

Starbucks trucks are operated by Aramark, and coffee represents 18 percent of Aramark's sales on college campuses even though coffee chains only represent about 9 percent of the total campus sales. Starbucks will be using the food trucks to test the idea and find out if they'll really be able to reach more traffic on-the-go. The college campuses are ideal for testing the idea, as they offer parking, multiple locations, and consistent access to people who love coffee!