Is There Dirt In Your Coffee?

photo credit: bitzcelt via photopin cc

If you buy your coffee pre-ground, you may be surprised what's really in there! New reports reveal that, due to recent coffee shortages, producers are turning to fillers such as wood, husks, brown sugar, wheat and even dirt!

These fillers actually resemble coffee once they are roasted and ground, and visually there's almost no difference. What's more, researcher Suzanna Lucy Nixdorf tells Yahoo, "normal people can't taste [the difference]". She also says "Corn is very common because it tastes sweet, and people don't perceive the added sugar. The same [goes] for brown sugar. That is why we need a method [that's] very sensible and not subjective [to determine] if the coffee is pure or not."

In a press release, Nixdorf discussed a test that she developed, which uses statistical tools and lab techniques to accurately determine whether a coffee sample is at least 95 percent "pure". Nixdorf says "I hope the [coffee] industry will [use] this method to really guarantee quality without using fillers." So do the rest of us, Suzanna!