Coffee Headlines: August 17, 2014

photo credit: Ines Njers via photopin cc

We're about halfway through National Coffee Month now, and there's been plenty of exciting news in the coffee world during the past week. Here are some of the most interesting coffee headlines we've seen this week:

Chick-fil-A is now offering "specialty-grade" coffee drinks, which I bet will complement their amazing breakfast menu perfectly.

Love celebrity-spotting as much as you love your coffee? NY Daily News posted a nice slideshow of some of our favorite stars enjoying their daily cuppa joe.

"According to science", we're drinking our coffee at the wrong time. Coffee is a morning ritual for most the people I know and we need to have ours first thing, but I guess I could add another cup a few hours later...

Apparently there are archaeologists who are actually able to date sites by coffee cans left behind. I wonder how they learned to do that- pretty cool!

What's better than donuts and coffee? Um, NOTHING! Dunkin' Donuts is taking that to heart now, with their new coffee-flavored donuts: "Glazed Coffee Cream" and "Coffee Cream & Sugar". Yum!

K-Cup Coffee Pod prices on the rise?? Noooo! They're already so darn expensive! (Seriously, the worst part of having a Keurig is how expensive those things are)

But K-cups aren't the only type of coffee getting more expensive. Droughts and increasingly high global temperatures are making it harder than ever for the largest global coffee suppliers to grow coffee. Read about how the droughts in Brazil are causing coffee prices to rise all around the world here.

Buying denim at a coffee-tea shop? Don't see why not- especially if you live near this new retail store!

Here's a heartwarming story about a 77-year-old Vietnam war veteran who travels bright and early every Friday morning to serve complimentary coffee and other goodies to folks at the Palestine Veteran Affairs Outpatient Clinic. Cheers to you, Gordon Brett!

Tim Horton's, Canada's largest coffee merchant, is introducing their first new coffee line in 50 years. They're adding a new dark-roast coffee to their menu to give their customers a taste of something new.

Enjoy the rest of national coffee month, y'all!